Many of you may know, I am a huge animal lover and rescue advocate. I have 2 rescue cats who have a permanent home with me. My oldest cat, Musket, turned 7 years old this year. I found him dodging cars when he was only a few weeks old. My pirate kitty, Converse, is 5 years old and was only a few weeks old as well. With Converse, I found mom, who was dumped by her owner, and her 5 kittens. Animal control had mom spayed and we found homes for mom and all the kittens. Con-man, as we like to call him, stayed with me. I've helped many homeless animals in my neighborhood find fur-ever homes, or rescues to help with wounds they've received. While I cannot take every stray or neglected animal I see, I like to help where I can. 

I'm not just an advocate for cats! I'm one of the biggest dog lovers you'll ever meet. Sadly, my beloved American Pit Bull rescue, Riley "Roo", passed away early in June after we found she had cancer. "Roo-Roo" was 10 years old and the best dog. Though, she was no longer my dog when my son was born. She was crazy about my son and he was her as well. He had just learned to say "Roo" before she passed. Riley was only 4-4.5 weeks old according to the vet after I found her. Sadly, she was peddled at a flea market in South Carolina by a backyard breeder. I'm extremely against backyard breeders and unlicensed animal breeding; however, I could see she was very malnourished and less than half the size the breeder was saying she was . I was able to talk the man into giving her to me so I could take care of her. The vet said she wouldn't have lived more than 2 weeks in the condition she was in. She grew to be one of the most beautiful and smartest dogs I've ever known.

 Cash William and Riley-Roo

Cash William and Riley-Roo

Photos of your pets are just as important as your human family. They are only with us for a brief moment but have such a huge impact on our lives. Riley-Roo will forever live in photographs. The images of her and my son, Cash, will be cherished forever.

This is why I want to do a one-day event for a great non-profit, the Cat Depot on Naval Air Station Lemoore. Location details are coming together. Once we secure location, we'll be putting out the details. By signing up below, you will be among the first notified before the information is made to the public in my newsletter, my fan page and various groups. 

Thank you for your interest in helping lonely animals find their "fur-ever" home.