On the Move

Some of you might know this already, and I have casually mentioned it on my fan page, but my family will be moving, again, this fall. In an estimated 6 months, my family will be relocating back to Virginia. I do have some big news to share with you. Virginia will only be a temporary stay, and I will not be reestablishing Christina Rush Photography as a business during our time there. 

The likelihood of my husband deploying shortly after our move is great. So, my husband and I have decided to move my son and I home to Tennessee upon his deployment. Then, my husband's contract will be up in 2019 and we'll be transitioning back to a civilian lifestyle and permanently rooting our family near or in my hometown, and near our family. This was a big decision, and impacts our family so much in so many ways 

I will not be accepting sessions, with a few exceptions, after our move. I actually do not have any sessions scheduled, currently, after May. We're wrapping up our time here in Lemoore, and we're prepping to get our home of 2.5 years on the market. I'm full of mixed emotions. I'm ready to go. I'm ready for that one-step closer to my family never saying goodbye for deployments again, and ready for my son to grow up around his cousins and know his extended family. It's just time for us. But I have some amazing clients, friends and memories here. Lemoore helped me welcome my son after 7 years of tears. My miracle was born here, brought home here. I have a lot of love for Lemoore.

So, what does this mean for Christina Rush Photography? Bigger and Better things! Y'all, I wish you could see the thought process that goes on in my head. It's constant with ideas and planning. If you really know me, you know I'm very much a planner, and somewhat of a control freak. And, being a wife to someone in the military, it is very hard to plan for almost anything, unless you plan for things to potentially change. After nearly 10 years, I can make plans that do not have to change in regards to my business. How awesome is that?! As for what those plans are.. I'm not ready to put those details out just yet. However, I will say I will be establishing myself in Tennessee upon moving home. I can't wait. 

I currently have only 3 sessions spots available before Christina Rush Photography shuts down in California. I cannot take on any more homecomings, as I'm booked already. If you have questions on who to hire in Lemoore, feel free to contact me and I will send you way of some very talented photographers in the area, some of which I've had the honor to call my friend. 

Thank you all so much for your support over the past couple years here in Lemoore, and the 8 years Christina Rush Photography has been around. 

New Year, New Plans!

Wow, 2016 few by! Now, 2017 is here and we're already nearing the halfway point of January. Last year was sure awesome and eventful. From homecomings, to newborns.. my son's milestones to a bum foot. Now it's a New year.. New plans!

I put out on my Facebook fan page about 2017 possibly being our last year in Lemoore. My husband has went through one cycle of picking orders, which were not accepted, and we await for him to pick a 2nd time. Hopefully within the next month we'll have word on where we're going... or if we're staying. 

Because there's potential for a lot of change this year, I have decided to make changes and do some reflection in 2017. I am Heavily cutting back on sessions. I will still accept a handful of sessions throughout the year to make sure I grow in my photography and maintain my skills, but majority of sessions will be to benefit charities, further my learning in different styles, and be creative ideas I have that are always floating in my head. So, you might see a few model calls.  

I'm planning on taking several workshops and working online with some photographers I highly look up to around the world. I want to further my knowledge and learn new ways to make my style more unique.

I'm also limiting mentoring sessions for our remaining time in Lemoore, even if my husband's orders come back and we're staying. 

IF we do move, it will be around September/ October. 

2,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway Winners!


Family Session: 
April Mapes
Maternity Session: 
Lindsay McDonough
Newborn Session: 
Julia Eichhorn
Baby Milestone Session: 
Erika Salliotte

Winners will be notified via email on 8/21/2016. Session is non transferable. Session must be scheduled within 2016. Session is dependent on photographer's availability. Session location is dependent on type of session won, and photographer's digression. Giveaway winners receive a free mini session and 5 digital files with print release. Additional prints/ products are available for purchase at the session premier approximately 2 weeks after the session takes place. Winner will receive 20% prints and products purchased at premier. Session participants are required to sign photographer's portrait agreement as well as model release. Recipients must contact Christina Rush Photography within 2 days of 8/21/2016 to claim prize session, or session winner will be renamed.

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