New Year, New Plans!

Wow, 2016 few by! Now, 2017 is here and we're already nearing the halfway point of January. Last year was sure awesome and eventful. From homecomings, to newborns.. my son's milestones to a bum foot. Now it's a New year.. New plans!

I put out on my Facebook fan page about 2017 possibly being our last year in Lemoore. My husband has went through one cycle of picking orders, which were not accepted, and we await for him to pick a 2nd time. Hopefully within the next month we'll have word on where we're going... or if we're staying. 

Because there's potential for a lot of change this year, I have decided to make changes and do some reflection in 2017. I am Heavily cutting back on sessions. I will still accept a handful of sessions throughout the year to make sure I grow in my photography and maintain my skills, but majority of sessions will be to benefit charities, further my learning in different styles, and be creative ideas I have that are always floating in my head. So, you might see a few model calls.  

I'm planning on taking several workshops and working online with some photographers I highly look up to around the world. I want to further my knowledge and learn new ways to make my style more unique.

I'm also limiting mentoring sessions for our remaining time in Lemoore, even if my husband's orders come back and we're staying. 

IF we do move, it will be around September/ October.