As of July 1st, 2015, Christina Rush Photography will no longer be participating in Operation Love ReUnited (OpLove). The decision to take a new direction was a very tough choice to make, but it will be by far more rewarding to my military/ military family clients. OpLove is a great program, but no longer offers what I want to offer my clients (I want to offer more!). Deployment homecomings are and will always be a free service I offer as long as Christina Rush Photography is in full operation.

Homecoming Session:

-No Session Fees (Free Session!)
-15 digital files minimum in high resolution with print release
-Optional/ at request:password protected gallery to order additional products
-15% discount on print Packages
*Homecoming sessions are provided to those who give estimated dates with ample notice to photographer and give updates frequently as military schedules often change. Please note that homecoming sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.


How much do I have to Pay?
-Nothing! There’s no catch. Your homecoming session is completely free to you. There are no hidden fees.You are not obligated to make any additional purchases after your session.

How do I qualify?
-Your service member MUST be deploying to an active military zone and have already received orders, already deployed, or returning from deployment. You may be requested to provide a Command letter of Deployment for your session(s).

How far will you travel?
- My coverage includes Lemoore and surrounding area. Travel outside these areas may be considered with paid travel expenses.

Do I have to purchase Prints?
-Absolutely not! You are not obligated to make any purchases from your session. You will have the option, if you wish, to purchase print packages, digital files and other products at a discount of 25%.

Do I have the option to buy prints or a disc if I want?
-You sure do! I offer Print packages, a la carte pricing, digital packages, metal prints and more! You are offered a discount of 25% on your homecoming session Purchase(s).